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Joseph's Culinary Journey

The concept for Bunny Chow began while Joseph was living, studying, and safari guiding in South Africa between 2006 - 2010. In South Africa 'BunnyChow,' or 'Bunny,' is a street food dish consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of bread typically filled with vegetable curry. When Joseph discovered this staple on-the-go dish he immediately thought: "If I ever become vegan and open a restaurant I'm going to call it Bunny Chow and serve quick, delicious, healthy food. 

Joseph's interest in cooking began shortly after he learned to walk.  He started helping make, and jar, large batches of pasta sauce, sausage, and roasted peppers with both sides of his Italian family.  His exposure to commercial kitchens began at age 13 when he started working on a line in an Italian restaurant. Since then he has worked in and managed dozens of kitchens across the country, and even had the opportunity to personally cook for a former Vice President. Joseph has been cooking in professional kitchens since his teen years; only now, he chooses to cook without meat, dairy, and gluten.

Our Team

Key Players


Joseph D'Alessandro

Owner & Chef

The Bunny Chow Food Truck

Adia Dawn

Chief Executive Officer of Tasting

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